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ETL and Report testing online training from Hyderabad, India.

We give ETL testing training online from hyderabad, India from the best renowned trainers of India. Our trainers are professionals with real time experience. Our ETL testing training given online is an added advantage for you, as you can learn many things with practical approach. We deliver advanced training by real time experience.

What is ETL

Data is important for businesses to make the critical business decisions. ETL testing plays a significant role validating and ensuring that the business information is exact, consistent and reliable. Also, it minimizes hazard of data loss in production.

ETL testing is the heart of Data warehouse testing. ETL systems are used by businesses to integrate data from multiple sources. ETL stands for Extract Transformation and Load, It collect the data from various sources such as data from Heterogeneous System (DB), Transform the data into Data warehouse (Target)

ETL Testing Challenges:

ETL testing is quite different from conventional testing. There are many challenges we faced while performing data warehouse testing. Here is the list of few ETL testing challenges

  • Incompatible and duplicate data.

  • Loss of data during ETL process.

  • Unavailability of inclusive test bed.

  • Testers have no privileges to execute ETL jobs by their own.

  • Volume and complexity of data is very huge.

  • Fault in business process and procedures.

  • Trouble acquiring and building test data.

  • Missing business flow information.

How ETL Testing works:

The solution is to use a Data warehouse to store information from different sources in a uniform structure using ETL. ETL can transform dissimilar data sets into a unified structure.Later use BI tools to derive meaningful insights and reports from this data. (ex The sales department have stored it by customer’s name, while marketing department by customer id. here  Datawarehouse to store information in different sources)

Different phases of ETL testing process

  1. Business and Requirement understanding

  2. Test Planning and Estimation

  3. Designing Test Cases and Preparing Test Data

  4. Test Execution with Bug reporting and closure

  5. Summary report and Result analysis

  6. Test Closure

What is covered in ETL testing (Types of ETL Testing)

Each organization categorize testing types are different, The ETL testing strategy build according to their organization level. So every organization maintain their own ETL testing types.Sometimes, for larger projects / programs, it vary from client to client.Generally, the main types of testing that are covered under ETL testing are

  • Reconciliation testing

  • Constraint testing

  • Validation testing (source to target data)

  • Testing for duplicate check

  • Testing for attribute check

  • Logical or transformation testing

  • Incremental and historical data testing

  • GUI / navigation testing

OUR ETL and report testing COURSE CONTENT:

Data Warehousing concepts:

  • DBMS and RDBMS
  • What is Data Warehousing and necessity of it?
  • Data warehousing architecture
  • Data mining
  • Meta data
  • Tables, views
  • Constraints
  • Fact and Dimensional Tables
  • Partitioning of tables
  • Concepts of Referential Integrity
  • Concepts of Modelling
  • Database Schema
  • Concepts of normalization
  • Concepts of Slowly Changing Dimensions
  • Concepts of Data Mart
  • Full and Incremental extraction Process
  • Change Data capture

SQL Concepts:

  • DDL, DML commands
  • All the basic functions (Character Functions, Conversion Functions,
    Advanced functions, Mathematical Functions and Date Functions)
  • Joins
  • Practice SQLs for some sample test scenarios

ETL testing:

  • What is ETL and importance of ETL testing??
  • Creating, running and analysing sessions/workflows in Informatica
  • Preparation of Test strategy, Test plan and estimations
  • Testing scenarios, creation of test cases and scripts
  • Test case execution and defect tracking and reporting

Report Testing:

  • Validation of the report data with DB and UI testing
  • Preparation of Test data

Levels of testing

  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • Module testing
  • System testing
  • Uat

Practice sessions on ETL Testing

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