SAP ABAP HR Online Training Hyderabad India

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SAP HR Functional Overview

Personnel Administration

  • Overview of using PA30/PA40 for different Info types

Info types

  • Info type Ranges
  • Time Constraint & Attributes
  • Info type Structure
  • Info type Enhancement
  • Custom Info type Creation


  • LDB Structure
  • Reports with LDB  PNPCE, PCH
  • Report Category
  • Macros

Organizational Management

  • Organization Structure
  • Evaluation Path
  • Reports & FM for OM
  • OM Info type Enhancement


  • Overview of Time Info types
  • Positive & Negative Time Management
  • Importance of IT0003
  • Report with Time results


  • Overview of Payroll
  • Payroll result structure & Macros
  • Reports with Payroll results

HR Authorization Checks

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