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  • Sharepoint2010 for the information worker
  • Navigating and searching
  • Sharing information using sharepoint contacts,calendars,and Tasks lists
  • Sharing documents using sharepoint libraries
  • Customizing information presentation with shared and personal views
  • Connecting coworkers through profiles
  • Using Microsoft office 2010 with sharepoint2010
  • Site administration in sharepoint2010
  • Creating and managing sites and sub sites
  • Customizing site look and navigation
  • Managing site administrative settings
  • Administering list and library settings
  • Managing metadata and policies for lists and libraries
  • Configuring sharepoint2010 workflows
  • Managing security with permissions
  • Content management in sharepoint2010
  • Using sharepoint2010 web content management
  • Creating and managing publishing pages
  • Configuring workflows for publishing
  • Standardizing information with content types
  • Displaying content with sharepoint2010 web parts
  • Structuring, auditing and recovery content


  • Introduction to sharepoint2010 technologies
  • Installing and configuring a sharepoint farm
  • Collaboration and web content management
  • Sharepoint2010 client integration
  • Creating and configuring sharepoint web applications
  • Administering sites and site collections
  • Configuring sharepoint security
  • Managing metadata and content types
  • Document and records management
  • Configuring infopath and workflow services
  • Configuring sharepoint search and indexing
  • Configuring sharepoint personalization services
  • Introduction to business intelligence
  • Sharepoint disaster recovery


  • Sharepoint2010 web content management
  • Out-of-the-box web design
  • Introduction to sharepoint designer2010
  • Designing with CSS and custom themes
  • Creating and customizing master pages
  • Creating and applying layout pages
  • Customizing My sites and profile pages
  • Customizing wikis, Blogs and search
  • Flash,silverlight,and rich media
  • Designing infopath2010 forms
  • Creating custom workflows
  • Customizing data view web parts
  • Instruction to business intelligence in sharepoint2010
  • Deploying content and customizations


  • Overview of Sharepoint Development
  • Sharepoint Server Architecture
  • Developing Web Parts
  • Packaging and Deploying Solutions using Visual Studio2010
  • Programming with the Sharepoint Server Object Model
  • Working with Data Access Methods
  • Programming with the Sharepoint client Object Model
  • Building Interactive and connectable Web Parts
  • Creating Features
  • Creating Event Handlers
  • Programming Sharepoint Security
  • Sandbox Solutions
  • Developing Sharepoint Workflows
  • Developing with Business Connectivity Services
  • Developing Business Intelligence

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