SharePoint BI Online Training Hyderabad India

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1). What is SharePoint 2010 BI and what includes?

  • SharePoint 2010 features
  • Performance point services (PPS 2010)
  • Power Pivot in SharePoint 2010
  • Sql reports in SharePoint 2010
  • Business connectivity services (BCS)
  • Visio Services in SharePoint 2010

2). SharePoint 2010 Installation

  • Software pre-requisites for SharePoint 2010 installation
  • Hardware pre-requisites for SharePoint 2010 installation
  • Standalone installation
  • server farm installation

3). Configuring SharePoint 2010

  • Configuring database server and verifying SharePoint databases in SSMS
  • Configuring SharePoint central administration
  • Start the required services in central administration
  • Configuring Business intelligence related services

4). Creating web application

  • Creating and configuring  web application
  • Creating site collection
  • Creating sub sites and procedure to create subsites
  • Creating Business intelligence site

5). Performance point services 2010

  • What is PPS and what are the versions?
  • Starting the PPS website and navigations to dashboard
  • PPS dashboard designer overview
  • Connecting external databases to PPS
  • Creating Dashboard, scorecards, KPI, Analytical Grid/chart and Filters
  • Sample dashboard with all objects including Visio diagrams
  • Publishing dashboard to SharePoint 2010
  • Verifying the dashboard in SharePoint and changing filter values
  • Verifying decomposition tree feature

6). SQL server reports in SharePoint 2010

  • Installing the SQL server reporting services in SharePoint mode
  • Configuring and verifying report server properties in SharePoint
  • Open the report builder 3.0 from SharePoint
  • Creating sample reports with report builder 3.0 and deploying to SharePoint
  • Uploading existing reports to SharePoint

7). Excel Power pivot in SharePoint 2010

  • Installing SQL server analysis services in power pivot mode
  • Creating a power pivot site in SharePoint
  • Connecting cube to power pivot and creating pivot reports
  • Working with slicers and dicers
  • Publishing reports to SharePoint
  • Providing reports access to SharePoint users

8). Visio services in SharePoint 2010

  • Creating diagrams in Visio and connecting to database
  • Publishing diagrams to SharePoint
  • Verifying the diagrams in SharePoint

9). Business connectivity services in SharePoint 2010

  • What is BCS and what are the versions?
  • Connecting legacy databases to SharePoint 2010
  • Sample on connecting SAP/Mainframes database to SharePoint

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