Websphere Integration Developer Online Training Hyderabad India

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  • Business Integration Using Service-Oriented Architecture.
  • IBM Web Sphere Process Server and Web Sphere Enterprise Service Bus Overview.
  • IBM Web Sphere Integration Developer overview
  • Exercise: Exploring Web Sphere Integration Developer, part I
  • Service Component Architecture overview
  • Exercise: Exploring Web Sphere Integration Developer, part II
  • Bindings Web Service Binding, SCA Binding, MQ Binding, JMS Binding
  • Exercise: Invoking a Web service
  • Exercise: Invoking a SCA component
  • Business Objects
  • Exercise: Creating business objects, shared interfaces, Libraries
  • Implementing Java Components
  • Business Process Choreography Overview
  • Exercise: Creating a business process, part I
  • Business Process Activities And Runtime Behavior
  • Exercise: Creating a business process, part II
  • Business State Machines
  • Exercise: Creating a business state machine
  • Business Rules And Selectors
  • Exercise: Creating business rules
  • Adapters
  • Exercise: Implementing Web Sphere (JCA) Adapters
  • Interface Mapping And Business Object Mapping
  • Exercise: Creating interface maps and business object maps
  • Developing Mediation Services
  • Exercise: Creating Mediation Services

Human Tasks

Exercise: Implementing human tasks

  • Advanced Testing, Debugging, And Deployment

Exercise: Using component tests and the debugger

  • Common Event Infrastructure

Exercise: Monitoring using the Common Event Infrastructure

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