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Weblogic Server online trainin Introduction:

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Whats Weblogic Server In Simple ?

Weblogic Server System administration includes a wide range of tasks: Creating a Weblogic Server domains; domains migration from development environment to production environments; monitoring and managing the performance of runtime system; organizing applications; and diagnosing problems and troubleshooting problems. (Weblogic Server domain is a group of Weblogic Server services designed for a particular reason. For example, you might create one domain to provide business services to your customers and another domain to provide and employee portal.)

Since, the Weblogic Server management system depends on Java EE and other standards,  it assimilates with systems that are often used to manage other hardware and software components. Adding to this, Weblogic Server includes several extensible utilities which are of its own standard-based.

1). Difference between Web Server & Application Server

2). Web logic Server Basics

  • Web logic Application server
  • Web logic system administrator Infrastructure
  • Web logic 10.3 Features
  • J2EE Components
  • Servlets
  • EJB
  • JSP
  • Understanding TCP/IP and HTTP

3). Web logic Application Server Installation and configurations

  • Configuring Domain attributes
  • Configuring server, cluster
  • WLS domain Server
  • Starting WLS
  • Machine
  • Cluster
  • Directory structure
  • Service configurations
  • Configuring  JMS options
  • Configuring Database Connectivity
  • Connection Pools, Data Sources and Multi Pools

4). Application Deployment

  • Deployment tools
  • Auto Deployment
  • Cluster Deployment Load balancing and session replication
  • Setting up a Cluster across multiple machines
  • Configuring Node Manager, Web logic Server Logging
  • Web logic Server threading model and creating own execute queue
  • Web logic Virtual Hosting

5). Web logic and J2EE

  • JMS application
  • Configuring JMS
  • Web logic JNDI

6). WLS and HTTP servers

  • WLS HTTP server
  • Plug-in

7). Web logic Performance Tuning Basics

  • Reduce the application down time OS ,Network tuning Basics
  • Techniques to troubleshoot and fix the OOM, Memory leak, Server Hang, Server Crash problems

8). Administration Tools

  • Web logic java utilities
  • Licenses,Architecture,Configurations
  • Monitoring alls the domain resources, Servers, Clusters, JMS, Connection pools etc

9). Application Security

Managing Web Logic Security and Security providers Authorization framework

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