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Shell Scripting Online Training

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            Shell scripting is programing language. It will runin Unix Shell. To run the program we will use commands in ShellScripting. This language include proagraming execution, file manipulation, and printing text.

       So many Scripting languages have been introduced for large or complex to be comfortably overcome with shell scripting. But the advantages of a scripting are desirable and development overhead of a full down. Generally Scripting language requires an interpreter. Shell scripting will be used for initial stage of Software development. Shell Scriptin advantage is that the commands and syntax are exactly same directly entered at the command line. Developer no need to switch to a totally different Syntax.
                                 Many disadvantages for using scripting languages. There was a complatibility  problum  for two different platforms.
For short cuts lot of commands will be used in short cuts, Following are sampl commands.

1). List the Files we will the following command

LC_COLLATE=C ls -FCas "$@"

2). This command will be used for clear text

ls -al

Complete Course Agenda

What is shell scripting?

  • Importance of shell scripting
  • Different types of shells
  • Creating shell script
  • Making shell scripting executable
  • Shell input & output
  • echo, print, read

Backslash character constants


  • What is variable
  • System defined variables
  • Environment files
  • User defined variables
  • Constant variables
  • Local & global variables
  • Special variables


  • Arithmetic variables
  • Relational numeric operators
  • Logical operators
  • Assignment operators

Conditional statements

  • if, if.else
  • if, elif
  • case


while, until, for

break, continue

File test commands

String test commands

exit & sleep commands

Command line arguments

  • Usage of COA
  • What is $0, S#, $*, $@, $? , $$

Job scheduling

  • cron
  • at
  • batch

Compiling and execution of C and

C++ programs

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